Irish Unification Remains the Issue: Easter Rebels Vindicated by New Report

By Dan Glazebrook When members of the Irish Volunteers and Irish Citizen Army took up arms and proclaimed an Irish republic on Easter Monday 1916, they sought, first and foremost, an independent na…

Source: Irish Unification Remains the Issue: Easter Rebels Vindicated by New Report


COPINH: “The Honduran Government Wants to Incriminate Us”

Criminalization of COPINH and Misdirection Plague Investigation into Lenca Leader’s Assassination By Witness for Peace Protestors demanding justice for the killing of Berta Cáceres gather outside t…

Source: COPINH: “The Honduran Government Wants to Incriminate Us”

War on Latin America

Operation Condor Never Ended: Assassinations and Coup Plots Continue Across Latin America Dedicated to Alexandra Valiente in appreciation of her great selection of coverage on Latin America at Liby…

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The Dialectics of National Oppression and Resistance

Ireland and Tamil Eelam The nation of Eelam Tamils are conjoined with the Irish due to similar British supervised counter-insurgency and geo-politics of imperialism. By Athithan Jayapalan In a hist…

Source: The Dialectics of National Oppression and Resistance


Judith and Yolande

They’re friends – the closest friends you’ll ever meet, although I sometimes wonder if their friendship isn’t just a product of convenience. They’re cousins – their mothers are sisters. They grew u…

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Venezuela: ¡Comuna o Nada!

By George Ciccariello-Maher Have you heard about Venezuela’s communes? Have you heard that there are hundreds of thousands of people in nearly 1,500 communes struggling to take control of their ter…

Source: Venezuela: ¡Comuna o Nada!


United States Sanctions Aimed at Starving Zimbabwe into Submission

State-owned industrial firms targeted in latest round of economic warfare By Abayomi Azikiwe Libya 360° Earlier this month the United States administration of President Barack Obama utilizing the O…

Source: United States Sanctions Aimed at Starving Zimbabwe into Submission


FARC: Who We Are and What We Fight For

FARC-EP The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army, FARC-EP, is a revolutionary movement of military and political nature, born in 1964 in the jungle of southern Tolima.…

Source: FARC: Who We Are and What We Fight For


BRICS Under Attack: The Empire Strikes Back In Brazil

Eric Draitser of appears on CPR Sunday with broadcaster Don DeBar to discuss the Empire’s moves to undermine BRICS. Draitser provides detailed analysis of the individuals and gr…

Source: BRICS Under Attack: The Empire Strikes Back In Brazil


Stop and search controversy continues – the Round-up

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According to research released by the Home Office, large increases in stop and search operations have no discernible effect on crime reduction. The official study examined crime rates across 10 London boroughs in the first year of Operation Blunt 2, which led to a surge in the number of searches from 34,154 in the year before to 123,335 in 2008/2009.

The findings are likely to lend support to the position of the Home Secretary, Theresa May who in 2014 introduced new measures to curtail reliance on the powers. She has previously been critical of claims by the Metropolitan Police that a rise in knife crime in recent months is linked to a drop in the use of stop and search, warning against a “knee-jerk reaction.”

Police powers to conduct the searches have proved highly controversial, with campaigners arguing that ethnic…

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